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Krupa: I have to attend a dinner at a posh place with my husband and his seniors. What is the ideal thing to wear to such an occasion? I am 25 and my height is 5'4inches weight is 57 kgs.

 Glam Expert: If you are open to wearing Indian outfit, a nice elegant chiffon saree with an elegantly embroidered or well cut blouse with no gold or silver will work well. A kali cut kurta in a nice subtle tone (Anarkali's should be avoided as they look too dressy for this kind of an occasion because of the sheer volume). Subtly accessorize the saree with a lovely clutch and wear high heels. Opt for muted colours.
If you would like to a wear western outfit, a formal dressy top preferably with sleeves along with formal pants. Ensure there is enough ease between the garment and you. Avoide anything even slightly revealing or tight.



Neha: Hi Aanchal, could you please suggest ways to team up just a waistcoat with formals & casuals.
Glam Expert: Waist coats traditionally were a men's garment untill Coco Channel started to wear them by tweaking the pattern and textures to lend them a feminine look. Waistcoats could be a great way to stand out and make a style statement as its not very often for women to sport this piece of garment.
Teaming up a particular waistcoat will depend on the kind of waistcoat you have. If you have a basic black or beige, or even one in a deep blue, team it up with your favourite denims, preferably the distressed style for a cowgirl kind of look.Any other bright solid colour waistcoat can be paired with a fitted pair of tight jeans in a deep blue and some high heels. This would always look chic and glamorous. You could also go for a boho style by teaming up any kind of waistcoat with a flouncy, bouncy gypsy-style skirt and hair worn loose.
For your workplace, a waistcoat is a great idea to give the overall appearance of ultra-chic and formal. Over a pencil skirt waistcoats look great, just ensure the embellishments are limited for office. A nice, trendy and blingy waistcoat can be worn with a short skirt, a tight fitting dress, or a just a pair of black jeans for a great party attire.



Vaz: What kind of haircut would you suggest for a round face - good complexion, but would like to hide my chubby cheeks! Help pls.

Glam Expert: Hi Vaz, since you have a round face we should try and give it an appearance of a more oval shape. We can do this either by visually reducing the width or by adding length to your face. One option is adding volume and curls on the crown but make sure to never have them near your cheeks. Have layers that end below your chin. Hairstyles with different layers (and not one length) will help take away from the fullness of the face.

Try cutting your hair at an angle, this again takes away the fullness of the face and at the same time can gives you a sharp look. You can wear your hair long or short but always wear them in the front, coming into the face (especially from the sides). Texture and weight of your hair and your lifestyle requirements all play a part in what is ultimately the best choice for you, so do take these into account. Happy hair styling! :) It’s one of the best ways to feel all new.


Roopa: Hi Aanchal, I am a 21 year old girl. I am going to be staying with some relatives in london. My cousin there asked me to get appropriate clothes for a black tie event and white tie event when i come. I want to know the difference between the two and would also like to know what i can wear for such events.

 Glam Expert: Dressing up for such events is an opportunity not everyone gets, so thank your cousin for sure :) Both black and white tie events are very formal events, however white tie events are more formal than the black tie ones. In fact, a white tie event is the most formal event that one may be invited to.

For white tie events, women wear the dressiest floor-length formal gown. Traditionally gloves are worn, but are increasingly becoming optional. The gloves are removed to eat, drink, or shake hands. For black tie events, you have a few more options like floor length evening dresses or cocktail dresses. Your dressiest Little Black Dress may be appropriate as well for some cocktail receptions, summer events, or daytime functions. Gloves for women are optional. Pair the outfit with dressy strappy sandals.

Most importantly ensure reading the invitation thoroughly. Usually it has specific pointers for the dress code for e.g Black/ White Tie preferred, requested, optional etc. make your choices accordingly.


Vedika: I am on the heavier side - 72kg, 5.4ft. The problem is that I am plump overall and not just the top or bottom. I really wish to wear maxis, but I am worried it will make me look bigger. Can you guide me pls?
Glam Expert: I am asked questions similar to yours very often… “If I am short and on the heavier side can I look good in a maxi?” and my answer is always the same, a resounding YES! :). 
Women with body structure and height such as yours can wear what they like, but like all other shapes and sizes, there are rules to follow and ways to make the absolute most out of a particular style. You need to make it your own and wear the right kind of maxi dress to be able to look and feel comfortable and stylish. 
First things first, you must wear a maxi with a pair of chunky heals or wedges, NO FLATS. A maxi will actually create an illusion of a taller you but the heels are an extra touch that you certainly cannot do without. Rely heavily on accessories - it could be a chunky neck piece or a bright belt to break the garment. If you have a heavy bust wider straps are probably the best style to go for. Choose light, pliable fabrics. Clingy fabrics are a huge no-no. Choose a maxi that flows nicely over your curves and avoid anything that gathers around problem areas such as your tummy. Opt for bold abstract patterns; they will draw attention away from your body variations. If weather permits try layering it with a structured cardigan or shrug, as this also breaks the garment and makes it visually more appealing.


Ritu: My friend's wedding is next month and I am planning to wear heavy sarees or salwars for most of the events. For the sangeeth though I want to wear something different, but traditional at the same time. I am 5.4 feet and have an lean build. What would you suggest?
Glam Expert: Your lean frame can work a short length ang-rakhas teamed up with fulljodhpurs. Another option could be long jackets with delicate embroidery with chudidars or even ankle length cigarette pants. Of course, you also have more traditional options like Lehengas and Shararas. To make them a more interesting you can use color blocking in bright neons (go milder on the work if your going with neons) . For more specific silhouette options,your body statistics would help.

Sukan : I am in my second trimester, and amongst other things i am having tough time to get decent maternity clothes. the options are very few and far from being affordable. Would really apprecite some practical solutions.
Glam Expert: Invest in a few basics like dark coloured maternity pants and trousers.(remember you can wear them till you lose your post-partum weight). Also, buy a fewsleeveless shrugs, opt for waterfall shrugs which are available even locally and are usually not very expensive.Once you have done the above two you can just buy bigger sizes for tops and tunics and work with them by layering them with the shrugs. Another thing you could consider is, if you have close friends who have delivered a while ago you could borrow from them, I am sure they wouldn't mind as you would be helping them make space for their baby gear :)


Neha : Hi, I am petit, broad from the top and slim from the bottom. What kind of pants or skirts would you recommend for formal and casual wear?
Glam Expert:  Neha, pants or skirts, mid-waist is the best for your frame. Stay away from bottoms that are too tight, as this will make you look bigger on top. So, pencil skirts and skinny pants are out at all cost.At work, try pants with firmer fabric with pleats. The length for pants should always be as long as you can get, as this will add length to your petit frame. Skirt lengths should be just below the knees. Try A-line skirts, skirts with yokes having one or two pleats on either side. Peplums are back with a bang so if your office permits a slightly dressier code you must try them in firm fabrics and restrained gathers.For casualwear possibilities are endless. Try bubble skirts, layered skirts, tulip skirts and circle skirts. Shorter skirts above the knees would be more flattering.  For pants, try to find pants that have big back pockets, preferably with flaps. Avoid jeans that are skinny, tight or those with tapered ankles. In denims, opt for lighter coloured washes rather than dark indigos, as this will add visual weight to your lower half balancing the proportion of your overall appearance.



Archana: I love that wide leg trousers and palazzos are back in fashion. But I am usually confused about what to pair them with?

Glam Expert:The wide legged trousers come in lot of variations- exaggerated flares, pleated, floor length, ankle length, calf length etc. Flowing flares work well on people with long legs and tall frame (the rest of us – ofcourse, can take the help of our heels). A tucked in blouse or a classic man's shirt work well. A loose T-shaped tunic will look good too; pair it with a thin belt.



Nishita: I have a question about shoes - I don't feel comfortable in pointed heels. Is it okay to wear platform sandals or wedges with formal clothes?

Glam Expert:Hi Nishita, If you are not comfortable with pointed toes you could opt for peep-toes or heeled loafers, both of these are really high on the professional look radar. In case of platforms, they can either be shoes with small, built-up sole at the ball of the foot, accompanied by a high heel, or one large platform from toe to heel.

The heeled platforms can certainly be worn at work (avoid platform sandals for a professional setting). You can also look for the classic Mary Janes which is rounded in the front. Wedges can be worn as long as the colour of the wedge is the same as the colour of the top of the shoe. (Materials like cork/jute/sailing ropes which we may see a lot these days in wedge heels are a strict no no)



Q : Hi, I have recently graduated and am joining a PR firm shortly. I am very conscious of my body since I am short and a bit plump - my statistics are 34-32-39. Since it is very important to look professional and stylish in my line of work, I am a bit worried. What kind of clothes should I wear on a regular basis to work?

Glam Expert: Congratulations and all the best for your career :).

For Western wear, a wardrobe basic that you must acquire for your work would be a couple of dark shade trousers in a heavy yet pliable fabric (a bit of stretch will make it comfortable for all day wear). I know it can be a challenge to find a pair of readymade trousers which fit your body type well, some are too loose on the waist and fine on the hips and thighs, and others fit the waist but not the hip or thigh. Pick the ones that fit your hips and thighs and then all you need is a bit of altering at the waist (you could also get them stitched if you have good tailor). Bootleg or flared trousers will suit you best and avoid anything that slims down your ankles. Ensure that the waist is mid to high rise and definitely not low. Let the trousers be as long as they can be without dragging on the floor and wear them with similar colour pumps/court shoes as this look will add a lot of visual length thereby balancing your overall look.  Also, try A line dresses and skirts which will look feminine, fabulous and formal with jackets. Body con skirts (not dresses) is another option that you can definitely work with.

To balance your hips, we need to draw attention to your upper body. Try puff sleeves, wider necks, shoulder detailing, neck pieces, scarves and avoid tops that have narrow v-necks, dolman sleeves, raglan sleeves and heavily gathered necklines, which can all reduce the width of your shoulders.

For Indian Wear :Collared Tunics 2-3 inches above the knee would work for you (button down jacket detailing with long sleeves will raise the professional look).Couple them with cigarette pants in dark colours which you can mix and match with multiple tunics. Solid colours, stripes, and geometric prints (if not over done) can be worn to work. Florals are a strict no unless they are classics like paisleys.



Q : I am 5.4 feet tall & weigh 72 kg. I’m heavy from waist down. I am bored of wearing ill fitted jeans with loose t-shirts and shirts to hide my problem areas. Can you suggest alternate clothes/styles for me?

Glam Expert: For your body type, you must look for form-fitting tops that hit right at the waist, which will work to flatter the feminine form. Tops that fall below the waist draw the eye to a larger lower half. A-line skirts and wraps are less constricting than tight styles which end up highlighting a woman's trouble areas. Choosing dresses and shirts with added embellishments like ruffles help draw the eye away from the lower half and back up to the arms and waist. Dark colors are naturally slimming so leave the bold hues for shirts or jackets. In accessories, use belts to highlight your waist and if you are into neck-pieces you should wear them to draw attention to your upper body.

Q: I have a dusky but clear complexion. Although I read a lot of articles on how to apply makeup for darker skin, I always end up looking ‘too made up’ because I end up using dark  shades. Can you pls give me tips on how to apply makeup to get a natural glowing look?
Glam Expert: You are lucky to have a clear complexion as one of the major challenges is to smoothen the skin and even out discoloration. For a more natural look avoid using heavy-texture foundations, as darker skin tends to be more oily. Instead, ask for a foundation that is lightweight in texture with a high pigment concentration. This basically means that a little foundation covers well, avoiding a heavy look to the skin.Do not use eye shadow colours with silver undertones as they tend to be a bit harsh on dark skin. Use colours that are warm and have golden tones for a more flattering and natural look.


Q: I am doing my MBA currently and need to buy business suits. What kind of jackets & trousers should I look for?
Glam Expert: Get a charcoal black and a navy pin striped matched suit, these would be more interesting than the usual black or blue and yet formal. Besides pant suits, you can also try pencil skirt suits ending just below the knee with a back slit. For very formal settings stick to the classic single or 2 button jackets. Other times you could experiment with cropped and longer jackets only if the culture in your company is a bit relaxed. For more specific style recommendation we will need details of your body shape.Try using scarves which can be worn in different styles (in silk) to glam it up. They also help in creating a focal point closer to your face.


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About Glam Expert:

Aanchal is a Personal Branding and Image Management Specialist. She consults her clients on how they can be the best version of themselves. She focuses on the ABCs of personal branding - Appearance, Behaviour and Communication, to enable her clients to achieve success in their personal, professional and social life. She conducts corporate workshops and training programmes on Power Dressing, Succeed with Style, Effortless Style at Work, Business Etiquette and Protocol, etc. She works out of Mumbai and can be reached at




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Hi Aanchal, could you please suggest ways to team up just a waistcoat with formals & casuals.


What kind of haircut would you suggest for a round face - good complexion, but would like to hide my chubby cheeks! Help pls.


Hi Aanchal, I am a 21 year old girl. I am going to be staying with some relatives in london. My cousin there asked me to get appropriate clothes for a black tie event and white tie event when i come. I want to know the difference between the two and would also like to know what i can wear for such events.


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I am on the heavier side - 72kg, 5.4ft. The problem is that I am plump overall and not just the top or bottom. I really wish to wear maxis, but I am worried it will make me look bigger. Can you guide me pls?


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i am in my second trimester, and amongst other things i am having tough time to get decent maternity clothes. the options are very few and far from being affordable. would really apprecite some practical solutions.


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